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Dheya Ali Al Asfoor

Dheya Ali Al Asfoor


Dheya Ali Al Asfoor is an accomplished serial entrepreneur with a passion for developing new businesses and strong alliances. Having led successful international companies for the past 17 years, his results-driven approach has seen him identify strategic acquisitions and gain market share.

Having successfully founded and managed several entrepreneurial projects since 2006, Dheya founded MCSIX in 2009, now one of the leading providers of high-quality industrial services. The company has soared to even higher levels under his leadership, winning awards and accolades for health and safety, whilst continuing to strive for excellence.

With prominent partnerships and a wide range of business ventures throughout the GCC, Dheya brings a wealth of expertise, experience and local knowledge with his portfolio of companies. Dheya is client-focused, performance driven and possesses critical problem-solving skills. His dynamic approach and ability to build relationships gives him an added advantage in delivering on client commitments and accelerating his projects to new heights.