MCSIX provides technical, operational and maintenance services, with teams that are typically embedded into our client’s organisation, or serve as extended resources with a permanent site presence.

Maintenance services are delivered through open communication and continuous monitoring of KPI’s. Our experts provide services that include corrective, preventive and emergency maintenance. MCSIX teams realise the significant benefits to its clients for the improved reliability of their facilities, cost savings and improved performance.

  • Power Plant Services

    • Depending on the particular task, MCSIX power plant services extend to meet the needs of any particular problem or operational requirement. Operators are provided to deliver special services that cover all aspects of cleaning, waste management and remediation. Our specialised packages streamline the operational processes of our clients to minimise their workload and improve analysis as well as operational cycles.

    • Services provided by MCSIX include preventive maintenance of the air release valve, as well as valve chamber cleaning, de-rusting, refurbishing and painting, walkway repair and painting and much more. During inspection and cleaning work as well as stoppages, mobile sludge dewatering often plays a vital role in keeping plants in operation. We use efficient processes and state-of-the-art equipment to minimise interruptions.

      Our services also include the shutdown management for catalyst reactors, which takes into account systematic planning and implantation while adhering to health and safety processes.

    Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP’s)

    • MCSIX provides electro mechanical operation and maintenance for both major and minor STP’s to maximise plant performance, while strictly complying with environmental and safety requirements. This includes manpower, materials and all equipment necessary for the operation and maintenance of works facilities. While operating the sewage treatment plants, a combination of routine and corrective maintenance is carried out, as well as emergency maintenance where necessary.

    Network Pumping Stations

    • Mechanical and electrical planned preventive maintenance (PPM) on pumping stations and storm water pumping stations is carried out according to government guidelines and approvals. All work is executed under strict safety guidelines and with the necessary safety equipment. Mobile inspectors are assigned pumping stations on a 24-hour basis and the desilting and screen basket cleaning as necessary is carried out as well as the removal of debris and waste. Mechanical and Electrical Technicians are supplied, as well as Engineers, Fabricators and any other necessary specialists in the field. Specialised equipment to complete the work is also provided such as suction tankers and pipe calibration.

    Industrial Cleaning

    • Effective cleaning methods have been established by MCSIX for plants of all sizes and requirements. There are a variety of processes that can be used such as high-pressure water cleaning of tanks and if needed the passivation of pipelines to protect against corrosion or the system flush process. Our specialists can advise on the best course of action to optimise efficiency and improve reliability, while saving your money in the long-term. Our services include lagoon cleaning, clarifier and aeration tank cleaning and painting as well as final tank cleaning.

    • The high-pressure water jet cleaning process can be utilised in a number of different ways and is a standard service provided in industrial cleaning. Incrustations on pipelines, and the smallest pieces of ingrained dirt are gently removed to leave a thoroughly clean facility. Where required, manual cleaning is used to work on smaller components in the plants, however the automatic option is the standard method due to its superior benefits. Reducing the need for shutdowns for our clients is of the utmost importance, with this in mind optimum working procedures are utilised. Additionally, wherever metal is exposed to weather, corrosion can occur. MCSIX gently removes any rust and applies new coatings to prevent extensive and potentially costly damages in the future. To carry out the work, innovative methods are utilised that respect the environment and are cost effective.

    Sewer and Storm Line Services

    • MCSIX visits all sites to familiarise with the areas stipulated in client specifications. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we use sewer cleaning and jetting to remove sand, grit, sludge, stones and other materials from various sizes of pipe, storm drainage or catch basins. Inspection vehicles are equipped with IT and CCTV to record all sewer line cleaning. This equipment also assists with locating a blockage or damage to a pipe before commencing cleaning or maintenance activities. Whether the issue is due to debris or cracks in the pipe, personnel are expertly trained to do the job quickly and safely. The disposal and transportation of waste material such as wet sludge, grease, oil and scum is carried out and taken to a designated area.

    • Leakage testing is vital to environmental protection, and is a compulsory measure prior to any repair work or before newly laid drains enter service. This is carried out with the support of a leakage testing vehicle and mobile leakage system. MCSIX personnel also carry out manhole inspections, and drain inspections regularly.

    • Currently, the company is responsible for more than 90,000 manholes in Manama alone, which is steadily increasing daily due to construction.

    HV/LV Transformer Maintenance

    • MCSIX provides competent technical experts to conduct HV/LV transformer maintenance for power plant facilities. Maintenance activities include the servicing and routine repair as per the direction of the technical department and the replacement of parts and accessories. Record-keeping is a priority and as such are consistently and accurately maintained throughout. Through our specialised services effective, trouble free operation is enabled for all systems. Specifically, MCSIX personnel execute preventive and minor corrective maintenance of 220/66, 66/33, 66/11, 33/11 and 11/11kV power transformers and 220, 66 and 21 KV shunt reactors. Major corrective maintenance and oil replacement and filtration is carried out for power transformers and reactors, as well emergency maintenance and the replacement of silica gel.

    Emergency Management

    • In the event of an emergency, our highly-trained personnel will respond quickly to the situation and will always arrive fully prepared. Emergency services are provided on a 24/7 basis, ensuring peace of mind to our clients.

    Waste Management

    • MCSIX supports your waste disposal requirements, particularly in regards to the safe removal of chemicals. They can only be disposed of in approved facilities and specially trained professionals are entrusted with handling such waste. Our specialists provide on-site advice on packaging and select the appropriate facility and transport.


    Safety Management

    • The safety of our personnel and those working around them is a top priority at MCSIX. As such, our years of experience and client base attest to the fact that MCSIX is a leader in safety knowledge and equipment provisions. All our safety equipment is sourced from well-known manufacturers and work is executed under strict safety guidelines.

    Company Profile

    MCSIX is a specialised provider of high-quality industrial services, with extensive knowledge and experience. We guarantee quick, flexible execution of work with qualified representatives on-site, coupled with robust process driven methodologies that ensure maximum operational efficiencies. With our commitment, drive and approach, we are the trusted partners for a variety of clients.


    MCSIX is frequently looking for talented individuals with the technical know-how to add value to our company. If you are a talented, responsible and safety-minded person with the relevant qualifications to carry out our project assignments then please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


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