Industrial Safety and Health Protection

Occupational safety and health protection are of the utmost importance to MCSIX and as such are the two main points of our company policy. Our corporate structure and operational procedures ensure that health and safety is integrated into everything we do and implemented effectively. Other essential components include quality assurance and environmental protection.

Health and safety risks in the workplace are identified collaboratively by safety specialists, supervisors, employees and government bodies. Risk assessments are conducted and recorded to document the potential safety issues associated with an activity, as well as the risks posed by working appliances and the interaction of hazardous materials with the environment to define protective measures.

MCSIX employees are intensively trained to recognise potential risks in the workplace and to utilise the appropriate protective measures based on operating procedures that have been implemented based on risk assessments. This reinforces our belief that our strict requirements ensure that every customer is provided with safe working practices that create results that stand out in terms of quality and value.

Corporate Responsibility

Ethical and moral principles are the cornerstone of our business. We pride ourselves on the honesty and integrity we bring to every client. Every employee, supervisor and specialist at MCSIX is fully aware of our code of conduct.

    Company Profile

    MCSIX is a specialised provider of high-quality industrial services, with extensive knowledge and experience. We guarantee quick, flexible execution of work with qualified representatives on-site, coupled with robust process driven methodologies that ensure maximum operational efficiencies. With our commitment, drive and approach, we are the trusted partners for a variety of clients.


    MCSIX is frequently looking for talented individuals with the technical know-how to add value to our company. If you are a talented, responsible and safety-minded person with the relevant qualifications to carry out our project assignments then please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


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