Chief Executive’s Message

MCSIX is committed to utilising best industry practices as a benchmark for our business. It is central to our ambition to be a leading industrial services company and a trusted partner.

With a multi-disciplinary workforce, we drive progress with clients and our solid portfolio delivers robust and healthy growth. Our corporate responsibility is to provide quality industrial services, that adhere to international health and safety requirements, while continuously conducting research and development activities. This ensures MCSIX is providing the best possible technical services in the field which drives customer satisfaction.

Today MCSIX is an ISO certified company. As our client base continues to grow, we plan to expand further into the region within the next few years.

Dheya Al Asfoor
Chief Executive

    Company Profile

    MCSIX is a specialised provider of high-quality industrial services, with extensive knowledge and experience. We guarantee quick, flexible execution of work with qualified representatives on-site, coupled with robust process driven methodologies that ensure maximum operational efficiencies. With our commitment, drive and approach, we are the trusted partners for a variety of clients.


    MCSIX is frequently looking for talented individuals with the technical know-how to add value to our company. If you are a talented, responsible and safety-minded person with the relevant qualifications to carry out our project assignments then please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


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